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There are android security apps that can protect your phone from Virus and other malicious threats and can help you track your phone when it goes missing. The new android app Lookout security and antivirus is one step ahead and can even take the picture of the phone thief. 

This new feature of Lookout security and antivirus for android app is called Lock cam. Your android phone must have front facing camera to make use of this lock cam feature. If one fails to unlock the phone in three consecutive attempt, the app assumes that the phone is in the wrong hands and activates the lock cam. It automatically snaps the picture of the phone user from the phone’s front facing camera.  The picture of the thief is taken very secretly, the thief will not know that the picture are being taken. Lookout then sends an email along with the photo it snapped to the email address registered with the lookout security app. If your phone is stolen, then those photos might potentially show you the thief. If you’ve just misplaced your smartphone, then a photo may help you remember where you left it.

lookout app snaps phone thief

It also sends the location of the phone, as well as its location history in the email. Therefore in case if your phone is stolen, then it will be more easy to catch your phone’s thief.

Some of other feature of Lookout Security and Antivirus are.

1. Security and Antivirus

This app can detect and remove malicious virus and spyware that can hide in apps, email attachments or phone files. It lets you to schedule antivirus scans. Blocks dangerous URLs that can steal your private information like logins and passwords.

2. Phone Tracking

If you ever lose your phone or have it stolen, then this app can help you a lot. You can find your phone’s location on Google map instantly from lookout.com The phone’s last known location is displayed even when the battery is dead. You can make your phone to scream even in the silent mode remotely. You can remotely lock you phone to prevent unauthorized use. You can also wipe your phone’s data to ensure that no will will access your important information. The best feature is the cam lock feature, which we have already discussed

3. Data Backup and Restore

Lookout security back ups your contact automatically. You can restore all your contacts to your existing phone or tablet from your Lookout account. You can also backup your pictures and call history.

There is also a special feature in the paid version of this app. This feature lets users add custom messages to their phones’ lock screens, such as a phone number to call or a request to return the phone to its rightful owner. The premium version costs $30 per year.