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The world of mobile phone gaming has reached a whole new level; not only can you download great applications onto your phone, but now inventive gadgets for smartphone are being made, specifically designed to link up with your phone. Now games-fanatics have the chance to bring their games to life; they can operate a miniature helicopter or even simulate a real karaoke experience, all from the palm of their hands.

If you love reading about creative gadgets, maybe you own a lot of phone accessories already or you’ve checked out our article about the Google glasses, then you might be interested in reading about three amazing devices.

smatphone gadgets

1. AppCopter

Amazingly, from the palm of your hand, AppCopter allows you to control a mini helicopter. Using an iPhone and a unique plug in peripheral, you can fly your very own mini helicopter, making it take off, zoom around the room and land again. You navigate the helicopter – which can fly up to 8 meters high – simply by tilting your phone in the direction you want it to go. You can even play out fun sound effects from the built-in speakers as your chopper flies around.

Here’s a video of it in action:

2. Parrot AR Drone

What’s better than a phone controlled toy helicopter? How about a Spy Drone? What? Don’t have a couple of million dollars to spare? Then the smartphone controlled Parrot AR.Drone might just be the next best thing.

parrot ar drone

You can control it from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or an all android-powered smartphone and tablet (it has it’s own on-board Wi-Fi system that your device will connect to). It also comes with two embedded cameras that can stream live videos via Wi-Fi from meters away. All of this can be controlled via the app you’ll install on your device to control the drone.

Here’s a cool video of two Ar.Drones having an aerial duel.

3. App Wheel

Now is your chance to really bring your favorite racing games to life thanks to the AppWheel. Simply plug your Android or iPhone into a realistic-looking 19cm x 3cm steering wheel and get ready to start your race. The ergonomic wheel is specifically designed for driving apps; you should notice the handling and performance is easy and smooth which really enhances the overall racing experience. Tilt the wheel to turn corners or slant it forwards to increase your speed.

appwheel for smartphone

Official AppWheel video:

4. TankBot

TankBot from DeskPets is a toy that is fully controllable from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android Phone / Tablet. At less than 25 USD it also features three modes of operations: autonomous obstacle avoidance and maze navigation, free roam light and sound, and iDeskPet universal remote control.

TankBot Official Video:

5. AppSing

If you friends know you as a karaoke-king or queen, then now you can practice your singing with the AppSing gadget. It is a portable karaoke machine, featuring a mini microphone which again plugs into your phone. The first step is to plug your phone into the universal phone cage. Next, download the AppSing app which features a huge range of popular karaoke songs. After selecting a song, the lyrics are clearly displayed on your phone screen, and as you sing your heart out, your voice is projected through the speakers. It really is the ultimate karaoke experience.

6. Sphero

“Part Ball. Part Robot. All Fun.” Sphero is a robotic ball gaming system (the first of it’s kind) that you can control via tilting, touching, and even swinging your tablet or smartphone.

The makers of Sphero, however, have bigger plans for their product. It is not just a toy but a “platform” that further expands on the fun via integrating with other apps that utilize Sphero’s unique features. There’s a drawing app that allows you to draw on-screen which the robotic ball traces, to a golfing app, and even a spy-cam app. It has a multi-color internal LED lighting and is even waterproof!

Check out the Sphero video below: