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If you use your computer or laptop continuously for hours and you are concerned about power consumption  then you might want to know, how much power does my computer is using ?

Joulemeter is a very useful app from Microsoft Research that tells how much power does a laptop or desktop computer is using . It tracks computer resources, such as CPU utilization and screen brightness , disk usage and monitors  electricity consumption to estimate the total  power consumption . After running the Joulemeter software on my laptop and desktop PC I got the following result for the laptop, after running it for 30 minutes .

calculate computer or laptop power consumption

How to calculate contribution of your computer in your electricity bill ?

After running my laptop for 60 minutes I used 0.02 KWh electricity that is 0.02 units and my laptop emitted 0.03 cubic ft of CO2 . The price of electricity per unit in my location is 5 Rs (you can find yours by looking into electricity bill ).  My laptop is consuming 1 unit of electricity in around 18 hours of running . When I tested this on my CRT monitor desktop computer, it  was 1 unit for 5 hours of running . With 200 hours of monthly running my desktop is consuming approximately 200 Rs electricity while my laptop is consuming around 58 Rs electricity . Please note that this does not include the power used by speakers modem and other attached devices .

Which consumes more power laptop or desktop?

A laptop generally uses 65-95 watts power supplies while a desktop PC uses 350-1000w power supplies. This means that laptops are at least 5 times more power efficient than desktop computers. A laptop is designed to run on battery power its components are small in size and are designed not to waste power. The design and manufacturing of such components is costly which is the reason why laptops are more costly than desktop PC.