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Problems can occur anytime with your smartphones. But not all such problems are serious and you don’t always need to take your phone to the service center. Most of problems are very common and can be fixed easily. Here are such common smartphone problems that you can fix yourself.

1. Phone Gets Wet

This is a very common accident that happens with many people. If your phone gets wet or gets dropped in water, you need to act immediately to avoid serious damage to your smart-phone. As soon as handset gets wet, immediately remove your phone’s battery and dry it off with a clean towel. To make it completely dry, you can try any of these things.

  • Bury your phone and the battery in a bowl full of rice.
  • Place it on the back of your PC monitor or TV screen over the heat vents.
  • Place it infron to air conditioner or fan.

I don’t suggest using hair dryer as it can blow in the water droplets into deeper areas of your phone. Don’t use the phone for few hours after it has dried. Most probably it will start working again.

common smartphone problems and their fixes

2. Camera not working

Your phone’s camera may not work or it may not record videos. This can be a software or hardware problem. Reset your phone and make sure the OS is up to date. Rebooting and updating your OS may fix the problem and your camera might start functioning again.

3. Phone not charging

When your smartphone is not charging or its not recognizing the charger, then probably the phones port might me dirty. Cleaning the port will fix this problem in most of the cases. If the charger is loose in the port then you need to replace the charger.

4. Scratches on the screen

To prevent scratches on your phone’s screen always use a screen guard. Toothpaste can help you clean the scratches from the screen. Just put any non gel toothpaste on the screen and gently rub it in circular motion with a soft cloth or cotton and then wipe the whole thing with a soft and slightly damp cloth.

5. Battery draining quickly

Many apps run in the background, you can save lot of battery power by disabling such apps. You can use any task manager app for knowing which apps are running in the background.You can also save power by turning off screen’s auto-rotate function, Bluetooth, reducing the screen brightness and GPS. If you have internet pack activated and not really bothered about using the Wi-Fi, you can switch off the Wi-Fi as well.

Most of the smartphones use lithium ion batteries that get exhausted because of the heat generated during their use. Keeping them in cold environment not only extends their life but also increases their power. You can try keeping it in the refrigerator. But make sure that the batteries are wrapped in a poly bag or a zip lock bag while they are inside the refrigerator.

6. Phone shuts off randomly

This problem occurs when the battery is loose. You can fix it with a bit of paper. Open the back cover of your phone and insert the folded bit of paper between the edge of the battery and the edge of the phone, on the opposite side where the terminals of the battery are located. This will keep the battery firmly in place and stop your phone from shutting down.

7. Phone hangs frequently

This smartphone problem is generally caused by the apps. If your phone hangs pull the battery slowly from the phone. Once your phone restarts, you can go to Google Play > My Apps and then click on the app to update it. In case an update is not available then simply uninstall the app and then reinstall it.