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An android phone is different than other  normal phones. It lets you do so many things there by increasing your productivity.  You can do social networking, take notes , work on your business documents and can do financial transactions also. All these features have made android a frequent target of hackers. It therefore necessary that you protect your android smartphone from various threats. For this you can take the help of android security apps. Below are some of the best free Android security apps that you can use on your phone for complete protection. 

Best Free Android Security Apps

1. Gadget Trak Mobile Security

Gadget Trak Mobile Security is an award winning android security app. If you have gadget track installed on your phone and if it goes missing or get stolen then just log in into your account using any web browser and enable tracking.Gadget trak will generate location reports, including map points, longitude & latitude and IP address to help you pinpoint your lost device. You can even backup and wipe your data remotely! The best thing about gadget trak is that it can work even without GPS, GadgetTrak can use cell towers and advanced Wi-Fi positioning technology to pinpoint the location of your device usually within a few meters. You can also remotely enable a piercing alarm, even if it’s in silent mode.

free android security apps

2. B- Secure Tracker

B Secure tracker is another quality tracking android app. With this app, you can try to nab the thief who ran off with your precious smartphone or tablet. You can log into a web portal and get a location of your phone on Google Maps. You can even remotely trigger the phone to take photos and record voices. The phone then sends the photos and voice files to your pre-defined e-mail address. It has features like remote alarm, screen lock, geofence, remote photo talking and video recording.

3. Secure settings

This is an android plugin that provides you an interface where you can reset your access code, enable or disable wireless ADB, GPS, device wake and more.

4. CryptRoll Secure Notepad

CryptRoll is a safe text editor that protects your private secret notes.You can encrypt your notes with a key and can save it to Google Docs or local device.It supports root mode that lets you to change file permissions with one click.

5. BoxCryptor

If you use third party online storage applications like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive then Boxcryptor is a very useful app for you. It adds an additional security layer to your Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive and encrypt your files with BoxCryptor

6. BioWallet Signature

With BioWallet Signature you can use your signature to bring in another layer of protection. With this app you can store and protect your passwords and sensitive information (videos, photos, banking details, etc) that recognizes your handwritten signature as the access method. Only you can access by signing on the device screen. With BioWallet..you are the key!

7. Air Cover Security Suit

AirCover Security Suite is an all-in-one family & mobile security app. AirCover Security Suite includes feautres like family safety, device tracking, anti virus, privacy protection, cloud backup and system optimization.