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When your computer is new it runs very fast, but as the months passes it starts getting slower and slower. When it gets too slow most of us just format the hard drive and install fresh Windows operating system, when it happens again we repeat the same procedure again. Formatting and re installing Windows again is a time consuming process,  there is a better way to make Windows run faster, if you can diagnose what is making it slow, and fixing them by taking appropriate measures. 

When you PC is new or when you have installed fresh Windows that time there is very less or no junk in your system, but as the time pass we install and uninstall lots of software and applications, some application are such that they dont leave your system even on uninstalling. This all sort of junk makes your windows slow. Making your Windows run fast is all about keeping the junks to minimum level. Here I am going to discuss about some free software  tools  that can be used for the maintenance of your computer, these software can make Windows run faster.

1. Soluto

Soluto is an award wining application, for making the PC fast.  Soluto runs during startup and identifies the programs that are taking the longest to open; it then gives you the option to prevent those programs from opening when you boot your computer . It helps you find out what applications are crashing or hogging CPU. It informs when your hardware need repairing. It also tell about the apps that upgrades them self silently.

2. Ccleaner

This was originally called as “crap cleaner,” Ccleaner is a utility that scans your Windows machine and finds “crap” (temporary files, unneeded files, etc.) to recycle, with the aim of making your PC run faster.It’s an easy-to-use tool that ensures your computer is runing as fast as it can. Run Crap-Cleaner often to keep your computer operating smooth and steady.

make windows run faster

3. Revo Uninstaller

There are some application which do not have default uninstaller, and there are some whom you cant even uninstall from Windows  “Windows Add or Remove Programs” control panel utility. Revo uninstalls all such software’s , it also scans your computer for any files that the default uninstaller doesn’t catch, and deletes them. It has both free and premium version.

The above free tools will help you to identify the junk in your computer, after you have found it you can treat them either by disabling or by removing then, this will definitely improve the performance and will make windows run faster. Let us know your experience with these tools in comments.