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You might have heard about WebGL , which is a graphics library that generates 3D graphics in a web browser .If you are a Google Chrome user , then here is how you can enable webgl in chrome for a 3D browsing experience .

Step 1. Install Graphics accelerator drivers if not already installed .

Step 2. Install Microsoft Direct X runtime if not already installed .

Step 3. Go to run and type in chrome.exe –enable-webgl    . This will start chrome in webgl enabled mode .

Step 4. Go to this link to test if webgl is installed properly .

enable webgl in chrome for 3d browsing

IF you do not want to go to run always to start chrome with enabled webgl . Then make a batch file .

Type the following line

start chrome.exe –enable-webgl

and save it as anyname.bat   . Now when you click on the this file chrome will start in webgl enabled mode .