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You must all be familiar with Pinterest, which is one of the fastest growing social website.  It is now the third most popular social networking site after facebook and twitter. Pinterest is ahead of some big social networks like Google+ and Linkedin . It also has great user engagement numbers, an average user spends 89 minutes a month on Pinterest while he spends only 21 minutes on twitter. These figures states the potential of Pinterest for bloggers

For those who are new pinterest, it is a social networking site, where you can pin your interests and share it with the world through images. It can also be used as a social bookmarking website, you can pin images and videos from the pages you like and organize them in boards. Pinterest recently launched the group board feature which is very useful for bloggers and internet marketers.

What are Group Boards

A group board is same like normal Pinterest board, the only difference is that you can let other people also to pin their images in that board. You can invite your friends who blog on the same interest to share the images of his blog posts. It can help you to get more reshare on your content at Pinterest. As Pinterest images are do follow, you can get good amount of traffic with it. Below are some of the special benefits of using Pinterest group boards.

1. Increase followers

The images pinned to the group board appears in the feed of contributor’s followers. If you have 10 contributors to your group board, the pin will go to the followers of those 10 contributors and if they click the follow all button of any contributor’s boards, then they will be added as followers to a group board you are part of.

2. More Repins 

The more followers you have more will be the probability of getting the repins and this means more traffic to your website.

3. Brand building

With more followers and repins you will get more engagement on your content. You will get more likes, more comments and sharing this will help to build a brand for your website.

How to create Pinterest Group Boards

Creating Pinboard group is easy , go the home page of Pinterest and click on the Add + tab at the top.

creating pinterest group board

Then select the option ‘create a board’.  Fill in the required details like name of the board, category etc . In the ‘ who can pin ? ‘ type the name of persons whom you want to permit, they will be the contributor of the board. You can only make your follower the contributor of your board, so its necessary that they should be following you.  After you have selected the name click on invite and then save the settings.

Pinterest will send an invitation from you, to the invitees to join your board. When they accept, they can pin on the same board with you and the group board will appear on every contributor’s page. If you want to add or remove contributors later, you can do it easily by editing the board.

Things to do for traffic from Pinterest

1. Add catchy images to your blog post

Try to ad a attractive eye catching image to your every blog post. Pin that picture in your pin board and give a proper description , keyword, and a link it back to your website.  You can also use hash tags in the description. This will increase the chances of your pinned image to appear at front in the Pinterest search results.

2. Pin videos, slides and E-book covers

Don’t just limit to images of your blog post.  You can also pin videos and ebook covers. Create a separate YouTube pin board for your videos. If you have authored books , create a pin board for that to showcase it.    If you conduct webinar or online classes you can create a pinboard for that.

3. Create Infographics 

Infographics works great on Pinterest . Collect some data and make info graphic and share it on pinterest

traffic from pinterest group board

These are the things that I feel you can do to use Pinterest group board for getting traffic.  You can also use reddit to drive visitors. If you have any suggestion let us know in comments. Also share your pinboard and if you are interested you can join our pin board also.

About The Author

I am a blogger, tech geek and SEO expert. I have passion for gadgets and social media. In my free time I like to read books on technical analysis and have keen interest in national issues. Follow me on Twitter at @rvjptl and on Google+

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7 Responses

  1. Ryan Biddulph


    I am learning more about Pinterest each day. Super helpful post for me, as I am diving in with both feet now. Getting followers and opening your boards to group sharing seems to be the way to go.

    Thanks Abhi!

  2. Monica Womble

    I have used Pinterest for quite a while now, but only for personal interests. This post has a lot of great info that I need to start using Pinterest for my business interests, too. Thanks for the great guide!

    And thanks for the reminder that videos are pinnable, too!

  3. Sayyed Parvez

    Hi Abhishek,
    This is an interesting article about pinterest. The information guide about group boards was very helpful. Moreover the tips of getting traffic from pinterest are also good. Thanks for the post.

  4. Shorif

    We have been mastering additional regarding Pinterest on a daily basis. Extremely helpful distribute professionally, once i are generally scuba dving inside in addition to each base currently. Obtaining practitioners and in addition establishing your existing panels to help group providing will be your most suitable choice.

    Thanks a lot for share this

  5. jamie

    If I want to do social sharing of my site using pinterest, after adding a webpage it asks to pin a image in the existing board. SO, is it necessary to pin the image in the existing board or we can also create another board? And also which one is more useful for ranking?

    • Abhishek

      If your existing pinboard title is relevant then you can pin it there , otherwise its good to pin to new board. If your board and its pinned images are related it gives seo advantage

  6. stephine


    Day by day, lots of new users are coming on the Pinterest so, it become a more powerful platform than others to get traffic. Really a good points are mentioned in this post about how to drive traffic from pinterest and building well brand on it.

    Thanks for this excellent post!


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