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Its quite easy to find and fix software related issues of your computer. But its not that much easy when there are issues with  your PC hardware. To diagnose the problems of hardware, the best thing is to scan the hardware. Crucial Scan is a cool software developed by Micron Technology, which scans  PC hardware and then gives you a detailed graphical summary of your system.

How is it helpful :

crucial scan for pc hardware

• There are situation when you don’t know your current system’s hardware configuration, and want to upgrade some components. In such case Crucial Scan becomes handy.

• If you are a tweaker and often over clock your system, then this little software can help you know your exactly system configuration.

How does this tool work:

• This tool first scans your system BIOS and gathers all the hardware information of your system. Then it navigates to Crucial.com website and searches for compatible matches, and then it displays the current system hardware information in a cool graphical format. It shows the hardware that needs update and also the hardware who’s drivers are not installed in your computer.

How to use this Crucial Scan:

• Navigate to CrucialScan website by clicking here

• Agree the terms and conditions by selecting the check box.

• Click Download the Scanner, which is an .exe file.

• Launch the CrucialScan.exe by double clicking on it.

• Now it will scan your system.

crucial scan

• Next it will show your current system configuration.

crucial scan hardware update suggestion

Now you can either use this website to buy upgraded hardware components or you can upgrade them by yourself.