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When you create a YouTube video, you want more and more people watch it. To make people to watch the video, you share it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Sharing  each video manually is a tedious work, as you have to post the link one by one on your Facebook profile , Facebook page and Twitter account. You can also auto share the videos that you upload on YouTube to your Facebook page , Facebook profile and twitter account. So why do hard work when we can do smart work.

Auto Share YouTube Video on Facebook Page 

By linking  your YouTube channel you can automatically post your videos to your Facebook page. There is no direct option available to auto share videos on Facebook page, but it can be done easily with Facebook apps. You can add Cueler app to your Facebook page.

After you have added cueler app you can configure the app by clicking the YouTube tab from the fan page.

 youtube tab on facebook page

When you are logged in as admin you will get the configure option, click on it to configure the app. Enter the username of your YouTube account. Select the video category that you want to be shared on facebook page.  If you want to share specific playlist you can select that too.  You can also configure whether you want the video to be auto shared on your Facebook page or you want the app to take your permission before sharing.

Auto share YouTube videos on your Facebook timeline and Twitter

By connecting your Facebook and twitter account to YouTube you can auto share your videos . All the new videos that you upload will get shared in Facebook and twitter account. To connect your twitter and Facebook account go to YouTube settings and then from the left side tab click on ‘connected accounts’. From there you can connect your Facebook and twitter account with your YouTube account. You can also select which of your YouTube activity should be shared on twitter and Facebook.

link youtube to facebook twitter

 Hope this helps you in connecting your YouTube account to Facebook and Twitter. If you find any difficulty let us know in comments.

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  1. Sonali Chauhan

    Hi Abhishek,
    I did fix this setting in my youtube account & now I make connect my Facebook & Twitter both account to youtube account & now. Every video will be automatic shared on social network, Thanks to you Abhishek !!!

  2. John

    I wanted to share youtube videos on my facebook but couldn’t figure out the way. Thanks for sharing this information from now ownwards I can easily able to share my favorite videos on facebook.


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