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Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading – 10 Best Sites

Best Sites To Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading Hello readers, here i am sharing sites to watch free movies online without downloading! Everyone likes to watch movies online for free and especially without downloading. Online movies can be watched without downloading and it is known as movie streaming. There are so many websites on the internet ...

How to Use Normal Internet Plan on Blackberry?

Tutorial on how to use normal internet plan on blackberry. People choose Blackberry phones for its unique features and specially for security. No doubt, Blackberry provide fantastic services like Blackberry Browser, Email Push Service, BBM etc. Blackberry is providing Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) which is very costly compare to normal internet plans. That's why many ...

Top Manmohan Singh Funny Youtube Videos

Dr. Man Mohan Singh is the Prime Minister of India and a popular politician.  He is popular in the social media as well. His parody videos are rocking on YouTube and are being viewed by millions of people across the globe.  The latest one is Gangam Style which has Manmohan Sing's face superimposed. Below are ...

Easy to understand client server model [pic]

Being a computer science student I have to learn networking concepts and client server  is one of the most widely used computer networking term . Many students find it difficult to understand . As you know a picture is worth a thousand words , take a peek at the image below and you will understand client server ...

Sonia Gandhi Discusses Anna Hazare trouble on facebook

Sonia Gandhi is out of India and Anna Hazare's movement is creating trouble for the government . Though she is out of India , she is still in contact with the ministers and rahul Gandhi through facebook . Below is her conversation on facebook regarding Anna Hazare's movement .        Disclaimer : Above is the work of fiction . Readers ...

23 Types of Facebook Users and Their Common habits

Facebook is now a home of billion people. The number of profiles mark has crossed one billion figure. People of all types and taste can be seen on facebook. Below are the types of people on facebook and their common habits.   1. The Roosters: This is a very common species of facebook users. They get up ...

Error 404 Page of Famous Indian Politicians and Journalist [humour]

What would be the scenario if politicians, journalists and other famous people starts managing their website themselves. How would be their website's error 404 page then ? Error 404 page simply means that the webpage you were trying to load was not found. Faking News came up with custom “404 Error” pages for some famous ...

Team Anna discusses political formation strategy on facebook

Team Anna who has been fighting for Lokpal bill, has now decided to form a political party. To showcase the transparency, Arvind Kejariwal along with other Team Anna members discussed their political strategy of facebook.  Here is what they discussed.    Also Read: How to support Anna Hajare Online  Also Read: Sonia Gandhi Discusses Anna Hazare trouble on facebook      Image Courtesy: UnrealTimes   

Manmohan Singhnegger in Terminator 2 Judgment Day Rocks on Youtube .

You must have watched the Manmohan Singham video that rocked on youtube has now came up with another hilarious video that is again rocking on Youtube . The video titled 'Manmohan Singhnegger in Terminator 2: Judgment Day ' features congress party and lots of Indian politicians .  The video features rahul gandhi as John Connor ...