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Facebook is now a home of billion people. The number of profiles mark has crossed one billion figure. People of all types and taste can be seen on facebook. Below are the types of people on facebook and their common habits. 

 1. The Roosters: This is a very common species of facebook users. They get up in the morning and try to wake up their friends with good morning status update. There status updates many times  includes motivational and inspirational quotes.

2. The Celebrity users: They are the type of users who are always in a race to increase their friend count. Their goal is to become a facebook celebrity. The most common habit of them is to send friend request to unknown people. Some are there who are not satisfied even on touching the 5000 friends limit. They try to increase their popularity further on facebook by creating page and groups on their name.

3. The Priests: These type of users mostly posts religious contents only. They try to preach everyone in their comments. They give free advice to people on what is right and what is wrong. They are the ones who gets least likes on their posts.

4. Status thieves : This type of fb users steals others status updates and posts. They repost the contents in their updates without giving credit to the original person. They try to show themselves creative and cool through such updates. This kind of users feel happy when they get likes and comments on such posts.

5. News Reporters: This kind of users feels its their duty to tell their facebook friend what is happening in the world. They feeling like winning a medal when they break any news on facebook. Likes and comments on their posts encourages them to become a news breaker.

6. Negative Commentators : They are the type of users who generally do not post anything in their status updates but always tries to kill other’s post with their negative comments. Their prime goal is always to find defects in others post. The most common thing they do is to label other’s post as outdated. Sometimes they even makes spelling mistake an issue.

7. The Likers:  This kind of users likes everything they get in their news feed from their friends. Most of the time they hit the like without even seeing what they are liking. The bad thing about them is that they do not comment on the posts. Hitting the like button to make their friend feel good is their only work.

8. The thinkers : This kind of users thinks differently and express their thoughts in status updates. They do research on various things and in their posts they express how the things should be, how the laws should be and bla bla bla . They appears like they are the ones who are most concerned about national and social issues.

9. The commentors: They are the type of user who feels whatever be the post, they should comment on it. They are the king of comments and tries to comment on every post.

10. The comedians : This is the best species of facebook users. They try to make everyone happy through their comic posts. They share jokes and funny pics and don’t even hesitate to make others happy by making fun of themselves.

11. The cynics : This type of users shows their sadness and frustration on facebook through their posts.  They are the one’s who hates life. They try to make others sad by sharing their sadness. Few try to get sympathy for themselves by showing their troubles.

12. The seducers : This type of users use facebook to attract girls only and they are found in very large numbers. Where ever they see any girl’s profile, they immediately send friend request. They generally makes good comments of girls post to impress them. They never miss to like any of her posts and always posts good comments of her profile pics.

13. The transgender users: They are those male/female users who creates fake profiles. Generally boys are ones who creates fake girls profiles, but now many girls and women are also creating fake facebook profiles to spy on their boyfriend/husband

14. The haters: They are the ones who can’t digest anyone admiring their facebook friend. They feel jealous when their friends gets good likes and comments on their posts. They like talking negative things about others.

15. The chatters: They are the ones who come to facebook only to chat with their friends. They enjoy chatting with their friends more on facebook than in real. This type of users are mostly school kids who likes to stay in touch with their class mates after their school classes are over.

16. The poet and Poetess : This kind of people doesn’t knows anything else than poems. This species of facebook users is found more in Asia specially in India and Pakistan.

17. The Beggars type: They are the ones who are banned by facebook from sending friend request to others. They keep begging to others to send them friend requests.

18. The Players : For this kind of users facebook is not a social networking website but a gaming website. They use facebook only to play games. They don’t have social life they have only gaming life.

19. The Hyenas : They are the ones who makes the least noise on facebook, but likes to jump post to post. Their comments are very shorts. They use only shortcut words like lol, ha ha , nice , rofl etc in their comments.

20. The joiners : They are the one who generally do not interact much with their friends. They join many groups and pages and entertain themselves through those pages.

21. The Sharer: This type of users don’t have anything to post. They have no creativity , but tries to gain attention of everyone one by sharing others posts.

22. The Travelers: They are the one who hardly post anything beyond travelling. They upload many pictures at a time once they come back from a trip on Facebook.

23. The business promoters : For this type of users facebook is platform to promote their business. They see facebook friends as possible customers. They grow their friends network, just to grow their business. Most of the bloggers belongs to this category of fb users.

types of facebook users and their habits

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