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WordPress is not just a content management system which is used for blogging, you can do a lot with it. You can even run your own online courses on WordPress. If you are running a teaching blog or you wish to start your own online course on WordPress platform, then here are some very useful wordpress plugins for teaching.

1. BuddyPress ScholarPress Courseware

This is a full featured learning management system for WordPress .It has features like class dashboard, courses, lectures, bibliography, assignments, quizzes, gradebook, and schedules.

wordpress plugins for teaching

2. LearningLog

Learninglog offers some advanced functions for teachers and learners to use WordPress as a learning tool. Through learninglog teachers can create assignments for their students, collect and review answers of students.

3. Grader

Grader allows site administrators and editors to grade user posts. This can be used to grade students ,Grades are only visible to administrators, editors, and the post’s author. So a student can only know his grade but not others grade.  teacher’s can also add a comment to a grade.

4. Search by User

Search by user adds an author filter to the post admin page. This is a very useful plugin when you have lots of registered students on your teaching wordpress blog. With its help you can also check all the posts by a particular student on one screen.

5. Class Blogs

The Class Blogs plugin simplifies the process of blogging as a class. It makes it easier find, organize and analyze the work created by your students. It provides dedicated teachers admin pages and student admin pages .

6. TeachPress 

TeachPress is a course management plugin teachPress is optimized for the needs of professorships and research groups. It includes enrollment system and also has an export feature for course lists, a sidebar widget for publications, and a shortcode that allows specific content to only be displayed to registered users.

7. Quiz Plugins

Teaching is incomplete without testing what students are learning, to test them you have to take quiz . WordPress has some very good quiz plugins. You can check my post on WordPress quiz plugins