TechiFire is a tech site among millions, which struggles, fails, and gets success every day. This tech blog’s primary focus is to help as many people as possible with helpful how to guides related to Windows, Android, Social media, etc.

TechiFire launched in 2017, and there is only one man behind the whole project. His name is Sudip Majhi from a small city in India. You can say hello to him on Facebook and Twitter. You can also send mail at


What to expect from TechiFire?

As TechiFire is a tech site, you can expect cool tutorials of everyday problems. You can find mainly Windows, Android, and web apps related tutorials on this site.

How to benefit from this blog?

This is 100% sure that you can get top quality articles on this site. Also, you can find a very to-the-point solution of all mentioned problems. Therefore, you can subscribe to our newsletter (which is free and always will be), join us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, etc.

I have a question, how to contact you?

You can certainly send an email at, or you can also send a message on Facebook (where we are very active).

I want to publish your article on my own blog, can I?

The simple answer is NO. You cannot post our articles on your own site. Apparently, you can quote one or two lines in your blog post with proper credit, but we do not allow anybody to republish our articles online or offline.

What is your advertising policy?

We do not have a limited policy, and hence you need to send an email at to check what are the current facilities we are providing.

Do you review any software or web app?

Yes, we do. But, we have some requirements. For example, your software must be available for the latest version of required operating system; you need to send us product key/premium version of your app to test or giveaway (it depends), your app should not block any ad in any way, etc. For more, we would suggest you send an email.

Do you accept guest post?

No, we do not accept guest post.

I want to write for TechiFire, can I?

Obviously, you can write for this blog as long as you can provide an original and top-notch article. Otherwise, the answer is NO.