Add AdBlock Plus in Vivaldi web browser: Block ads in Vivaldi

Do you want to block ads in Vivaldi browser? Do you want to add AdBlock in Vivaldi web browser? The good news is you can install any Chrome extension in Vivaldi browser. Talking about Vivaldi, this is a quite awesome web browser for Windows operating system that comes with lots of useful features.

The best part of Vivaldi browser is you would be able to get a dedicated settings panel containing all the options to customize the browser accordingly. Even since the initial release, Vivaldi has got a special place in many Windows computers because of its very lightweight interface and flexibility.

There are mainly two types of websites on the web. First, they use nominal advertisements (like Guide Arena) so that users do not get annoyed. Second, they use only advertisements with spam links and many malicious files. If you often visit the second type of website, but you do not like the ad, you can undoubtedly block ads in Vivaldi when visiting those sites.

You can install AdBlock Plus or AdBlock in Vivaldi to block ads. Talking about the extension installation, Vivaldi developers haven’t made any dedicated extension gallery like Firefox or Opera. As Vivaldi is a Chromium-based web browser, you can install any Chrome extension in Vivaldi. That implies you can open Chrome Web Store and download AdBlock Plus from the repository.

Install or Add AdBlock in Vivaldi web browser

  1. Open Vivaldi browser on your computer.
  2. Visit this URL:
  3. Search for AdBlock Plus or AdBlock.
  4. Click on ADD TO CHROME button and select the affirmative option on the popup.


That’s it! If you do not want to download AdBlock Plus from Chrome Web Store, you can apparently download the AdBlock from the official website. For that, follow these following steps.

Install/Add AdBlock to Vivaldi web browser

  1. Visit this URL from any browser:
  2. Download a preferred version of AdBlock extension and unzip it somewhere.
  3. Open Vivaldi browser.
  4. Visit this page in Vivaldi browser: vivaldi://extensions
  5. Enable Developer mode. For that, make a tick in the corresponding checkbox.
  6. Click on Load unpacked extension button > select the unzipped folder of extension.
  7. Let it be installed and make sure it is enabled.

That’s all! You can follow any of the methods mentioned above. Both of them will block ads in Vivaldi web browser.


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