AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional review

Partition or Local Disk or Volume or Hard disk – you can call it anything but you should need a tool to manage this thing on your machine. Obviously, the inbuilt tool or the Disk Management is a very helpful feature in Windows that allows users to manage all the partitions and do some important tasks. However, something you may not be able to do with the help of Disk Management. To solve those problems here is a simple yet very powerful partition management software for Windows called AOMEI Partition Assistant that will let you do whatever you want. Here is the review of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition that is perfect for a regular Windows user.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional review

There are dozens of software for partition management, yet AOMEI Partition Assistant is probably the best one because of the ease of access, features, compatibility, etc. talking about the user interface, this is very neat and clean, and you should not get any issue to understand all the features and their workflows. In this article, you are about to find all the features that come with AOMEI Partition Assistant Profession edition.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional review

AOMEI Partition Assistant features

There are many features, and all of them are very useful. However, here are some of them features you might like.

  • Extend Partition Wizard: Although many people try to set the maximum size as a system drive, yet, sometimes we get problems after using a computer for a few months. There are many people, who want to extend their C drive or system drive to install more software or store more files. If you want to do the same, this option is probably the best choice for you.
  • Disk/Partition Copy Wizard: Let’s assume that you want to backup a large partition, which is having tons of files that you do not want to play with. Therefore, you can take the help of either Disk Copy Wizard or Partition Copy Wizard that will solve the issue within moments. Obviously, you need the source disk as well as destination disk where you would like to paste the backup.
  • Migrate OS to SSD: There are many tools in the market that allow users to migrate their system from HDD to SSD. However, AOMEI Partition Assistant makes the task very easy. You need to follow five simple steps to get it done with the help of this software.
  • Partition Recovery Wizard: Suppose, you created a partition earlier, but it got damaged or removed due to some unexpected reason. Now if you wish to recover that lost or deleted partition, here is how to do that.
  • NTFS to FAT32 Converter: In simple words, if you often need to convert any file from NTFS to FAT32 for using that on a very old machine, this option will let you do that within moments.
  • Dynamic Disk Converter: Sometimes we get a basic disk, and sometimes we get a dynamic disk. However, if you want to convert dynamic disk to basic disk, this functionality will let you do that.
  • Make Bootable Media: If you want to create bootable Windows USB or CD/DVD, this option would be helpful for you.
  • Windows To Go Creator: If you have ever used Enterprise edition of Windows 8+, you might know that you can create bootable Windows USB drive that you can plugin and use your custom environment on any computer. You can create Windows To Go USB drive by making use of this option.
  • Integrate to Recovery Environment: If you think AMOEI can fulfill your demand; you can integrate this tool into recovery environment where you can use this tool from.

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Apart from these functionalities, you can find some other options in this tool. For example, the following features are included in it-

  • Disk Copy
  • Quick Partition
  • Wipe Hard Drive
  • Disk Surface Test
  • Rebuild MBR
  • Delete all Partitions
  • Convert to MBR

If you like the features of AMOEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition, you can purchase it from here. It costs $49.95 only. However, if you want to test it, you can try the demo as well. Talking about the compatibility, you can install this tool on Windows XP and all the later versions including Windows 10.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional review

Name: AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional review

Price: 49.95

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

  • Functionality
  • Ease of Use
  • User Interface
  • System Compatibility
  • Price


AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition is the best disk management software for Windows.

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