We accept sponsored posts on TechiFire website. We have a quite good reader base which is very targetted to Windows and Android app. Therefore, you can reach more users for your software via this website. However, we have some basic guides those you might need to follow or qualify to feature your product on this blog.

  1. You have to write your article review or whatever you want to publish. Before that, you have to get topic approval from us.
  2. We have a strict guideline on QUALITY CONTROL – so be aware of that. We just do not publish all the articles.
  3. The post must have at least 600 words. Detailed review always goes beyond that word count.
  4. Your post should have at least 1 image. Maximum width of an image is 700pixel.
  5. It can contain YouTube video. You can make your post as rich as possible.
  6. You can include 2 links in the article. If they are different sites, one link will be attributed by rel=”nofollow” and the other one will be a dofollow link. (except drug, poker, or any other illegal website). Once published, you cannot change the link. But you can change the anchor text within 3 days after publishing.
  7. We only write Windows/Android software and web apps review. If you want us to write your post, you must send at least 2 product keys of your software (if that is paid). The article writing rate will be given by you.
  8. We can make changes in your article as per our editing guideline.

For more information and pricing, you can contact us at sudip@techifire.com.