How to enable dark mode in Microsoft Edge

Over the past couple of months, Microsoft has been developing this browser to give a better look, more features, and more flexibilities. As a result, they have included Extensions support (the list is not big, though) and Dark mode, which is not available in all the other standard browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. Therefore, you can activate or enable dark mode in Microsoft Edge by making use of this tutorial.

Although Internet Explorer was a quite good web browser, still Microsoft developed a new browser called Microsoft Edge. Though this is not as feature-rich as IE, yet, Edge is a modern browser since this can load web pages far faster than Internet Explorer. Indeed, it depends on the internet connection you are using, still having the same connection, you can load web pages faster in Edge than Internet Explorer.

This is needless to mention or explain what a dark mode is and what does it do. However, the dark mode helps users to get a dark interface over a light one that all the others tools have. Talking about the availability, The Dark mode is not available in all the standard web browsers. Although you can get a night mode like feature in other browsers you need to use an extension or add-on, which may slow down the browser significantly. However, on the contrary, you can enable dark mode in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 without using any extension or third-party software. Like Windows 10 Mail app, you can turn on dark theme in Microsoft Edge using the given option.

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Enable dark mode in Microsoft Edge

Like said before, you can activate it using the given option. Therefore, follow the following steps to turn it on.

    1. At first, open Microsoft Edge. On the top-right side, you can find three dotted button. Click on that and then select Settings.

How to enable dark mode in Microsoft Edge

  1. The first option would be Choose a theme. By default, the Light theme is selected. Therefore, click on the drop-down menu and select Dark.

How to enable dark mode in Microsoft Edge
That is it! Following that, the Dark theme would be applied on Microsoft Edge.

P.S: As of now, this feature is included in the Insider Preview only.

This is also possible to enable Night Light in Windows 10.

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