How to import contacts from Outlook to Gmail

Suppose that you have been working with Microsoft products e.g. Office, Windows etc. Now, you want to import contacts from Outlook to Gmail. If you are looking for the answer, you should read on. In case you are using Outlook for a long quite a while, and now you are going to migrate your data or simply need it in both of places. You can import Microsoft Outlook Contacts and export into Gmail account without much of a stretch. Now in this article, I will provide you the detailed step by step about exporting Outlook contacts and importing into Gmail.

How to import contacts from Outlook to Gmail

Before you export your contacts from Outlook to Gmail. Contacts are only one of the addressing lists included in an Address Book of either Microsoft Outlook or Google Gmail. Only the contacts can be exported directly from Outlook to Gmail.

1] Export contacts from outlook to Gmail/Google Contacts

Before we start there is an important thing you have to know, that which version of Outlook you are using because you may not find the same option in a certain place in an older version of Outlook.

  1. From Outlook, go to ‘File’ menu, click on ‘Import and Export’.
  2. On the screen of the wizard, Click on ‘Export to a file’, and then click ‘Next’.
  3. Now Select the ‘Comma Separated Value (DOS)’, and then click ‘Next’.
  4. Choose Contacts folder in the file list, then click on ‘Next’.
  5. After that save the file to the location, click on Browse the location option and save it where you want.
  6. Now click on ‘Next’ and then click ‘Finish’.
  7. First, you have to go to your old Google Gmail Contact pages because the latest version of Google does not support the importing facility from a .CSV or vCard file.
  8. Click on the ‘More’ option, then select ‘Import’.
  9. Now you see under the Import Contacts pop-up Wizard box, now Choose File (It should be in .CSV or vCard Extension)
  10. Select the .CSV file that you have been exported from your Outlook and Click on Open.
  11. After selecting click on Import and It will just upload with in a fraction of the time.

2]  How do I transfer contacts from Outlook to Gmail or Google Contacts

If are familiar with the web version of Microsoft People or Outlook People app, you can certainly follow these steps to import contacts from Outlook to Gmail/Google Contacts. In that case, you can use the latest version of Google Contacts.

  1. Open Google Contacts.
  2. On the left-hand side, expand the bar by clicking the ‘More’ button. Following that, select ‘Import’ option.

How to import contacts from Outlook to Gmail

  1. On the popup, select ‘’.

How to import contacts from Outlook to Gmail

  1. Now you need to sign into your Outlook account and authorize Google Contacts to access your Outlook contacts.
  2. After finishing the whole process, you can find a new tag on your left-hand side, where you can find all the imported contacts.

That’s it! Hope these two simple solutions would help you to copy contacts from Outlook to Gmail. Do let us know if you get any problem.

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