EdgeManage lets to import or export Microsoft Edge Favorites

Microsoft Edge is a pretty useful and very fast loading web browser that is available only for Windows 10 users. Although Microsoft Edge doesn’t come with a lot of features, it consists of all the useful elements that a Windows or regular user generally needs. Alike other standard web browsers, Microsoft Edge also has a feature called Favorites. This article will aid you to import or export Microsoft Edge favorites in Windows 10 within moments.

Previously, there Windows users could backup their “Favorites” from a particular location in Windows 10. However, that feature or trick has been discontinued. Now, if you want to manage your Microsoft Edge Favorites or want to import or export Microsoft Edge Favorites, try this software.

EdgeManage lets to Import or Export Microsoft Edge Favorites

EdgeManage is a free Windows software that will let you manage Favorites of Microsoft Edge web browser. When this is not possible to manage them right from the browser if you are using a Local account, you can simply head over to this article to get things done. For your information, if you use Microsoft account, you can synchronize your favorites across multiple devices.

Talking about the EdgeManage software, this is free software available for Windows 10 only. It comes with several useful features, and almost all of them are useful when you are migrating to Edge or from this browser to any other browser and want to move with all the bookmarked pages.

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Features of EdgeManage

EdgeManage comes with more than one useful features and some of them mentioned below,

  • Find all bookmarked pages or favorites (so-called) in a tree view.
  • Get properties, which means you can rename favorites or folders, edit URL, etc.
  • Add/remove favorites from the list.
  • Import favorites from IE.
  • Export Favorites to HTML file.
  • Import bookmarks if that is saved in an HTML file.
  • Manage mobile favorites if you are using Microsoft account.

Like said before, there are more other features, but these are what you are going to use.

How to get started?

At first, download EdgeManage and install it on your Windows 10 machine. This is needless to mention that you cannot use this tool on Windows 8.1 or older version since Microsoft Edge is not available in those Windows versions. After installing, you can find a screen full of favorites. If you are not getting any bookmarked page, simply go to File > Reload from Edge.

EdgeManage lets to import or export Microsoft Edge Favorites

If you want to export Microsoft Edge favorites to HTML file, go to Data > Export to HTML file. Following that, you have to select a location and file name.

EdgeManage lets to import or export Microsoft Edge Favorites

However, if you want to import bookmarks to Microsoft Edge from Internet Explorer, simply go to Data > Import from Internet Explorer. If you want to migrate Microsoft Edge favorites to Internet Explorer, go to Data > Export to Internet Explorer.

There are few other things what can be done using EdgeManage tool for Windows 10. If you like, you can download it from here.

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