The Increasing Importance of A.I. and Social Media

The use of social media and artificial intelligence is continuously growing in importance and scope. Everyone is using social media and the technology and focus on developing artificial intelligence has taken precedent amongst the world of software. Throughout the rest of this year alone, it is expected that investment in AI will grow by around 300%. The basic definition of artificial intelligence is “intelligence exhibited by machines”. The combination of both human intelligence and machine intelligence is the next step. Businesses have taken note on how crucial both are, and have increased their efforts on how to use them to their advantage. Now, AI and social media are completely intertwined, with many businesses using AI technology to monitor and utilize social media to help their business and provide a better service to their customers.

The Increasing Importance of A.I. and Social Media

There are many ways in which artificial intelligence and social media are connected and the opportunities of the combination of the two are vast and very prevalent for many businesses. Social media teams are often under 10 employees, with more work and data to sift through than there is time. Instead of being able to focus on content and strategy, social media team members are often required to sift through the content that is available. However, with artificial intelligence, Big Data can be accessed and sorted at a faster speed than is possible by humans. Performance can take off and humans can spend the time on work that only humans can do, while artificial intelligence can support them with the rest.

Lux Narayan, CEO of Unmetric, a social media metrics company powered by AI, says, “The whole social space has a lot of noise. It’s very difficult to disambiguate one company from the other. But I think there are distinctive patterns in what companies do. And indeed, in where they’re starting to deploy AI within each of those subdomains. More specifically, they fit into six broad areas within social.” According to Narayan, these six areas include: content creation, consumer intelligence, customer service, influencer marketing, content optimization and competitive intelligence.

Customer service, for example, is one of the most commonly known ways that using artificial intelligence will enhance artificial intelligence. According to Gartner, by 2020 over 80% of customer service interactions will be powered by artificial intelligence.

Pinterest, LinkedIn and Expert System are three businesses that are using artificial intelligence to their advantage. Pinterest acquired Kosei, a data software company in order to assist with personalized recommendation. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Pinterest can now show users what may be relevant to them, identify object recognition and significantly reduce the amount of spam that comes up. LinkedIn acquired, a job search startup in order to assist with the job-candidate match process. With AI, historical hiring patterns, job descriptions and candidate experience can be used to help the right candidates find the right positions and companies. Expert System is using artificial intelligence software for social media monitoring, in order to allow companies more insight that they can use to improve their customer satisfaction.

Overall, there are many ways to utilize artificial intelligence. Since it is required for businesses to participate in the world of social media, finding the right combination of the two depends on each individual company. It is important to pay attention to your use of social media for many reasons, with the opportunity to pair it with AI being one of them. If you are a business owner, it is specifically vital to utilize social media to monitor and understand your customer’s wants and needs, as well as competitors. Artificial intelligence can help you do just that in the most efficient way possible.


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