How to solve Facebook login problems

These days, everything is going digital or online. Earlier, we used to visit our friend’s home to see him/her. However, now the scenario has changed. Nowadays, we use various social networking websites to talk to friends, relatives or anybody else. Obviously, there are many people, who are still not on Facebook but the vast majority of people use Facebook to connect with different people. Many times, you can get problems to sign in to your Facebook account. Here are few workarounds to solve Facebook login problems. Although there is no particular solution, you can indeed fix Facebook sign in problems within moments.

Solve Facebook login problems

There are many times you can get a different sign in problems while trying to access Facebook. Therefore, you can utilize the subsequent fixes to get on Facebook.

How to solve Facebook login problems

1. Check if site is running or not

The very first thing you can do is to just whether Facebook is live or not. Even though there are very less chance to get Facebook down, but you should check whether Facebook is up or not. There are many ways to check that. You can open website, enter and hit the enter button. You will get the result right on your screen. There is another website called, which looks same as the site and does the same task. Head over to that website, enter in the empty box and hit enter. You can also check the Facebook for developers website to check whether any service is down or not.

If the aforementioned result is affirmative but Facebook is not opening from your computer or mobile, you need to check these solutions to get on Facebook when blocked in office, school, and college.

2. Check Ping status

Sometimes it can just be your internet connection problem. Many times, we overlook this issue and try to open Facebook and end up getting many problems. Therefore, just check whether your computer or mobile has a valid internet connection or not. To do so, try to open another website or test the ping. For that, open Run prompt (press Win + R), type ­ping IP_address -t. For instance, if your IP address is, you should enter the command like this: ping -t.

3. Wrong username and password

It can be a problem to login to your Facebook account. This is very easy to understand that if you enter wrong username or password, you cannot login to your account. Like other websites, username and password are case sensitive. If you use the password manager in your browser and have changed the password earlier, make sure you have updated that in your password manager. Otherwise, you will keep entering the old password and it will show Facebook login problems.

In case, you think that you are entering the correct username and password but Facebook is not recognizing it, you can reset your password. Click on the “Forget account” link and go through the screen options.

4. Do not remember the username problem

Many people forget the Facebook username after a quite long time. At such moment, you may face problems to log in. At such moments, you can identify your account by entering Email, Phone number, Username or Full Name. Facebook will show you all the account based on your search query. Therefore, you can identify your account and find out the username. Following that, enter correct username and password. If you have forgotten the password, you can reset it using the above-mentioned guide.

URL for more info:

5. Enable cookies in your browser to fix Facebook login problems

Cookies are required in your browser to sign in to your Facebook account. Without it, your browser cannot accept Facebook’s username and password. Therefore, you need to enable cookies in your browser. For your information, by default, almost every browser has cookies enabled. But, if you think that your browser has not enabled cookies, you can turn that on.

6. Unable to login to Facebook due to Host file

Many network administrators often block Facebook using Host file. You cannot open Facebook in office, college or school if someone has used such method to restrict users from using Facebook. To solve this problem, you have to open Windows Host file and delete corresponding entry. At first, unhide all hidden files. Then, open Notepad with administrator privilege. Following that, navigate to the following path and open the Host file: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

If you find anything related to Facebook, just delete it and save the Host file. After that, try to open Facebook on your computer.

7. Identify phishing Facebook login page

Nowadays, you should always check the URL of Facebook homepage before entering the username and password. There are many social engineering attacks happening every day, where victim gets a phishing page and they enter the username and password. Following that, the username and password get saved to the attacker’s computer. In that case, you won’t get able to sign in to your Facebook account. You can avoid such attacks by following these tips,

  1. Do check the URL of Facebook homepage before entering username and password. It must be or
  2. Always check the reliability of a website before redirecting to the (so-called) Facebook page.


There might have more other problems but if you are getting them like mentioned above, you can easily solve Facebook login problems using these methods.


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